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Thesis Blog Activate!

I’ve decided to make a blog chronicling my journey through thesis. As a result, I’ll be updating that page much more often than this one. You can check it out at www.bookends2014.tumblr.com

Please check it out! Thanks everyone!

A simple 2D animation lip sync using Photoshop, Flash, Aftereffects, and good ol’ pencil and paper. 

After 6 weeks, my group’s finally finished our mini-thesis short, “Fright Shift”! Directed by yours truly, co-produced by the talented Michael Altman and Anne Yang, alongside the talented team of Thomas Shek, Cody Hann, Pun Sintharangkun, Joseph Szokoli, and John Kim.

Haven’t updated in a while. I’ll get to fixing that. Here’s my 2013 reel, currently a work in progress.

My 2012 Student Demo Reel, updated for the end of the school year.


11 Harvard Ave., Lynbrook NY · 516-993-0416 · tucker.prisco@gmail.com · www.tuckerprisco.tumblr.com

Tucker Prisco

Work Experience

Moody Studios: Intern

  • Responsible for character design in a show currently in pre-production
  • Responsible for art direction and simple animation
  • Assisted in developing the mobile app for the previously mentioned show
  • Assisted the founder of Moody Studios with various assignments and tasks
  • 40 W. 23rd st, New York, NY
  • 04/06/2012 - 12/31/2012

DJ Daywalk: Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for creating and designing album covers for DJ Daywalk (Vincent Andretta), using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Autodesk Maya
  • Worked from home
  • 09/18/11 - Present

Hofstra University Summer Camps: Cartooning Counselor

  • Responsible for teaching fundamental concepts of creating comics to children aged 7-14
  • Responsible for supervising children in class, during lunch, and on buses to and from home
  • Hempstead, New York
  • Early July - Late August, from 2005-2011

Colgate University Catering Services: Catering Assistant

  • Responsible for setting up venues, waiting tables, serving hors d’oeuvres, transferring equipment
  • Hamilton, New York
  • 01/15/09 – 6/01/09


  • Knowledgeable in the following programs:
  • Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Matchmover: Animation, modelling, rigging, UV texturing, Motion Tracking (2D and 3D), particle effects
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop: Photo editing, retouching, color correcting, painting, design, etc.
  • Adobe Aftereffects, Mocha: Compositing, rotoscoping, Motion graphic work, video editing, Motion Tracking
  • Adobe Flash: Animation
  • Final Cut Pro: Video editing

Please refer to my demo reel at www.vimeo.com/tuckerprisco/reel


  • Lynbrook High School
  • 09/2004 - 06/2008
  • Lynbrook, NY
  • Graduated with High School Diploma

Colgate University

  • 08/2008 - 05/2010
  • Hamilton, NY
  • Studio Art and Japanese Double Major
  • Transferred to the School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts

  • 08/2010 - Present
  • New York, NY
  • Computer Art/Animation and Visual Effects Major
  • Current Student


Alan Bessen: Head of Cartooning Department in Hofstra University Summer Camps

  • 718-274-5410

Vincent Andretta: DJ Daywalk

  • 845-853-6993

Alternatively, you can also view my résumé here: Google Doc

Just a short video to practice certain effects and roto-work.

Color correction exercises. Just making things look a bit prettier.